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Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshops will be held on the morning of the Monday 26 March at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Full delegates and Monday day delegates can register for these workshops during the registration process. If you have registered and would like to add a workshop to your registration, please email

Altair workshop 
Simulation driven design in sports engineering

Monday 26 March

8:30am - 12pm

Boulevard Room 1

Presenters:   Drew Burkhalter (Lead Project Engineer, Altair Engineering) & Alexander Quirk (Altair Engineering)

Altair has a rich history and expertise in Sports Engineering! Whether it’s design simulation of composites based tennis racquets or golf equipment for Wilson Sports, Motorsport, powering Team Artemis at the America’s Cup, rethinking Running Blades, challenging extreme Sports – the first wireless bungee jump or designing the next gen of  IoT enabled sport wearable devices, Altair Simulation solutions – HyperWorks and consulting is at the leading edge of raising performance and safety to the next level.


Draft Agenda

  • Introduction to Altair

  • Altair’s “Simulation-driven Design” Concept for Sports Equipment

  • Altair Sports Equipment Design Case Studies

  • Q&A

This agenda will cover ~3 hours and should have a couple of 15-minute breaks.


Key Takeaways

Attendees will gather insights into “Simulation-driven Design” for sporting equipment design and also see use of applications of newer technologies like composites, CFD, 3D Printing, IoT to help impact critical attributes weight,  performance and safety.



Artemis Racing (Americas Cup) Inspiration –

Competition  –

Wilson Golf Driver vs Driver –

Blake Leeper Paralympics–

FIFA workshop
From science to the field of play – how we can apply research in football

Monday 26 March

8:30am - 12pm

Boulevard Room 2

Presenter: Johsan Billingham (Research Manager Technology and Innovation)


Outline: FIFA has been researching and standardising equipment for football for more than 20 years. With the fields of sports science and sports engineering maturing alongside ever-improving technologies for measuring and assessing performance, research is becoming increasingly important for the game of football. In this workshop, the FIFA Technology Innovation team would like to engage with the participants to share its vision and some concrete research areas that have been identified as priorities and where cooperation with the scientific community is being sought. The topics that will be addressed with an aim of encouraging an interactive discussion are:


a) Aerodynamic behaviour of footballs: what does modern technology allow us to research today?

b) Big data in football: what will we be able to extract from performance data in the near future?

c) The quest for the “perfect pitch”: how can science help us define the characteristics of the ideal playing field?

d) Officiating technologies: how can we use technology to best support match officials?

Winter sport ISEA workshop
Field-based data collection in winter sports – Experience from the ISEA Winterschool

Monday 26 March

8:30am - 12pm

Boulevard Room 3

This workshop is organized by researchers and teachers who have organized and run the ISEA Winterschool (Petrone et al., 2016) since 2011, its 7th edition held in Åre, Sweden, in 2018. The school is directed to graduate students in sports engineering and related fields where internationally well-known researchers introduce the students to applied field work using innovative measurement technologies which have in parts been carried over to international projects focusing on snow sports. This workshop/session aims at illustrating a) the problem-based teaching approach used in this school, b) the type of applied research problems and methods introduced to the students, and c) discussing the wider perspectives, potential transfer to other focus areas of the ISEA and general future perspectives.


The initial part covers 15-min introductory presentations which will be followed by a practical demonstration. The workshop will be concluded by a round table discussion.


  1. Uwe G. Kersting: Instrumented start gate for Ski/Border Cross – development of an ‘online’ feedback system

  2. Nicola Petrone: Instrumentation of an alpine sit ski – basic idea and application

  3. Stefan Schwanitz: Assessment of ski vibrations and implications for control

  4. Stefan Litzenberger: Low-cost motion and pressure analysis for cross-country skiing

  5. Chloe Newton-Mann & Thomas Allen: Modelling and testing of snowboard wrist protectors


Snowboarding/skateboarding with snowboard force sensor, pressure insole system, IMU-based Motion capture and GNSS sensor




Uwe G. Kersting
Professor | Sport Sciences
The Faculty of Medicine
Email:  |  Web:
Aalborg University | Fredrik Bajers Vej 7D  |  9220 Aalborg East  |  Denmark


Nicola Petrone, Ph.D.
Ass. Professor in Machine Design & Sports Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Padova 
Via Venezia 1 - 35131 Padova, Italy



Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schwanitz
Fakultät für Maschinenbau
Professur Sportgerätetechnik
Technische Universität Chemnitz
Reichenhainer Straße 70 | R. D109
09126 Chemnitz, Germany


Chloe Newton-Mann
Manchester Metropolitan University | MMU
School of Engineering

Thomas Allen
Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Manchester Metropolitan University | MMU
E342 John Dalton Building, Manchester Campus
Manchester, UK

DI(FH) Stefan Litzenberger, MSc.
Deputy Program Director
Bachelor Sports Equipment Technology
University of Applied Sciences, Technikum Wien 
Hoechstaedtplatz 6, 
1200 Vienna, AUSTRIA
phone: +43 1 3334077-377